In a hole in the ground there lived a developer.

In a hole in the ground there lived a developer.

Hey everyone! If you've landed here, I hope you have a great time getting to know me and my efforts to create an amazing WebApp. In this blog, I plan to journal about my ideas and the learnings from building this project. So let's go over the plan!

I'm currently an Angular specialist. In this project, I plan to go through every single piece of technology involved in building a fully functional web app. I'll start with the basics. Let's choose my stack.

React as the Front End. Go/Gin as the Back End. Postgres as the Database.

Although I adore Angular, React is the most popular Front End framework in the market right now, so if I'm fishing for a new tech to learn, React is the chosen one.

I recently did some studying in Go. It is easy to work and fast. It may be an impulsive decision, but it looks like a great place to start.

Postgres is a solid database option and I am going to claim full ignorance here. I have very little experience with relational databases, so I just went to the top of the list. Go has a good integration with Postgres and it works great with Docker, with which I will have to deal sometime in the future.

So let's talk about the product. I've recently started cycling again. And since I'm an engineer, there is absolutely no way I'm exercising without a goal and metrics. I challenged myself to bike 120km in January. That's about 3,9km per day. But I don't ride my bike every single day. How often do I ride my bike? When I do, how much do I ride? Let's get some data going, shall we? Let's create a web app to log my bike rides!

Just throw a few geometric forms around and add some blue colors. A generic Techcrunch startup name and…

We have a logo!

SpinTrack will be a platform through which you can log your bike rides and get all kinds of data outputs. Of course, it's simple, but I have to start somewhere. I have some ideas of what comes next, but we just met. I'm not telling you all my secrets yet. I have to preserve the magic of this new relationship.

Jokes aside, I hope you stay for the ride (last one, I promise). I'm super excited about what's coming! Learning new tech and interacting with the community. I'm pumped!

See you guys at the next one!